1-on-1: Yon Eta

1-on-1 is Skandl’s ongoing interview series. Where we chat with individuals and collectives. gaining insights into their ideas and work. In this post, we teamed up with our music partners over at MusicMap.Global to chat with Yon Eta.

You’ve been described as a “shapeshifting DJ and A/V composer” – what does this entail and how do you describe what you do?
Yon Eta: I contextualise myself different everytime I output something. Whether that is playing a DJ set at a club, making a track for my SoundCloud, uploading stories to my Instagram etc. Yon Eta for me is this ever evolving identity that grows along with the culture I am in and I am inspired by. It is a persona for reflecting on the changes around us and how we react to that with certain sounds or rhythms and emotional states.

Sphynx is someone who you often collaborate with. What does that collaboration produce and how did you meet each other?
Sphynx is visual artist and UX designer Enrique Arce Gutierrez, originally from Mexico. We met through a friend in common and clicked on both a personal and artistic level. He is interested in creating autonomous and embodied artworks that distance themselves from the author-as-the-operator. Which is interesting for me on a methodological level as I see myself recently questioning my own authorship and distance or closeness to the artworks I am making. Who am I in relation to the music I make, and what does the music say about me?, etc.

Talk to us about Bar None, the night you run. What’s the philosophy behind the night and who have you booked to play the shows (and why)?
Bar None presents is a regular night I have been running for over a year now together with Fedor Oduber. It started off as a monthly event in a spot in the north of Amsterdam with limited capacity and with a slight DIY vibe. At first the nights where more about booking local DJs and building a community for music that wasn’t played much in other club nights in the eclectic way we did. Music blending contemporary club music with nostalgia vibes and non-western dance music. Over the course of the first year we started to curate our timetables more consciously, experimenting with the flow of the music or DJ sets as a whole over the evening.