1-on-1: Gene Sheikah

Skandl’s 1-on-1 series is where we speak with creatives about their work. For this edition, we talk to producer and DJ Jermaine Boasman, AKA Gene Sheikah. He’ll be DJing at MERGE FEST on September 29 in Amsterdam. Grab your tickets here.

How did you first get into DJing, can you remember the first tracks you brought to the decks?

I hate to call myself a artist or whatever, I see myself more as a person who likes art and does all types of things. I wanted to play my own music, that’s why I started DJing. I produce and write my own music, which I’ll be releasing soon. Instrumental and non-instrumental. I’m using code to make more interactive stuff for my own music, audiovisual stuff. I’m into sound design, I’m into composition, I’m into fashion, I’m into a lots of things.

You have slots on Red Light Radio and Operator, what can listeners expect from one of your broadcasts?

A wide range of sounds.

Over the past few months you’ve been uploading original tunes to SoundCloud. They vary between laid back beats to soundscapes to more experimental noise works – what are your inspirations behind these tunes and how would you describe your style?

Everything. Detailed, layered. I see colors when I hear certain notes.

How would you summarise the Amsterdam scene at the moment, what producers and DJs apart from yourself should people be checking out?

I think there’s more possible, nowadays everything’s more accessible which you can interpret both ways. It’s good and bad at the same time. Check out young protegé MYNRGY.

What tunes are you loving at the moment?