1-on-1: Jerrausama

The 1-on-1 series is where Skandl talks to people who inspire us. For this edition, we got in touch with DJ, promoter, and Lettuce co-founder Jerrausama to give a track-by-track rundown on the debut compilation tape of underground talent that Lettuce released earlier this year.

You can catch Jerrausama, and the rest of the Lettuce crew, at a special MERGE FEST ADE edition we’re co-hosting with them at Lil’ Amsterdam. Find out more at mergefest.nl

To celebrate your one year anniversary you compiled a compilation of Dutch producers, featuring over 17 artists and collaborators. What was the purpose behind the compilation?

Jerrausama: Yea, the compilation tape was fun to do!

Like there is soooo much fucking talent around here that isn’t heard yet. And that’s what we tried to do with the compilation tape, to get these (for now) unknown talented people out there and create a bond with them.

Could you give a little ‘track by track’ run down on the artists featured and what you love about them?

1717 by Isha Foster
This track is very complex, it’s very different but I mean DIFFERENT different. Isha uses sounds in a way that’s kinda unfamiliar with me. That’s the reason why this track stays interesting for me. The track itself kinda reminds me of tracks from Jameszoo (if you know you know).

Retasu by Alken
Well, this track for me personally is the Lettuce soundtrack, the track’s title means ‘lettuce’ in Japanese. And Alken is like of real one of the dopest producers I know, also a really good friend of mine. And Retasu, it’s just slaps bruh, I played it at one of our nights one time and the crowd went crazy, shoutout Alken!

Fergalicious by Jeremy Stoep
Jeremy Stoep is one of the guys who we organize Lettuce with and is also our resident. I think Jeremy is one of the most creative artists I know. He doesn’t follow the rules or works with a formula, he’s just him.

Fuji Silk by Fabrix
Fabrix, hands down #1 producer in Netherlands. Also a boss in the sample game. As you can hear in Fuji Silk, he sampled the track Remind Me by Patrice Rushen and made it 10 times better.

Say My Name by Heavenly
Heavenly is foremost a singer but she does EVERYTHING! She make her own productions under the name Frankie H, mixes and masters her own stuff and for others swell; multi-talented. She created a flip of Destiny’s Child song Say My Name and made it her very own with her own verses. It slaps really hard and this is one of the songs that blew up from the tape.

Wild Thoughts (remix) by Peglove x P North
I met Alek, one of the producers from Peglove, during a Lettuce night, we stayed in contact and it turned out he and his friend make some really dope stuff under the name of Peglove. They released their EP ‘Pink Negative’ and from that moment on I knew for sure that these guys were dope, so I invited them onto the compilation tape. They remixed the song Wild Thoughts by their good friend P North, also a really good vocalist. This track is perfect for festivals, I play it a lot.

Liquid Fire by Towely
Well, Towely is one hell of a guy, his productions are on some other level shit, I first met him at a beat battle where he took first place and it wasn’t even close because he really stood out. Also, this track is so well made; he’s crazy.

Afspraak is Afspraak by Kingdom Sounds
Afspraak is Afspraak is funny, it’s starts with a phone call about a guy who’s got money issues and stuff and then the song turns to a feel good beat, I like it.

16 na 16 by Lost
Lost is the MC at our nights and also one of the MCs from hiphop collective Soultrash. His track 16 na 16 is produced by Alken and he really knows how to handle a beat and make it it’s own.

Idk by Rosfrom04
Rosfrom04 now goes by the name of sor, and is a really talented producer and vocalist who’s making big big big moves as we speak. He is also the frontman of hip hop collective Black Acid, you should check him out.

Save Your Love For Later by B Fisher
This is by one of the purest artists out there, B Fisher. Like Heavenly, B Fisher does everything by himself. You can hear his love for music throughout his tracks and I think that’s really appealing when listening to him. In Save Your Love For Later he also implemented some footwork innit, haha. You should checkout his project: The Art of Expression.

World Tour by Guyrin Jomairo
Guyrin started making beats three years ago and he’s getting really, really good at it. He made World Tour especially for big venues. What’s also funny about this song is that he icluded a voice note from an angry friend of ours in it, it’s a nice Easter Egg.

FLESHHH by Lethemian Wolfglass
Just like Lethemian’s name, this track is super mysterious and it goes hard. This track is something else, it’s so well arranged and I think that this track is one of my favorite tracks of 2018.

Homebound by Soulely
This number is very… Soulful. It has a nice bounce but it’s still trappy, nice how Soulely did this.

Bambataa by Rashark
Rashark coming thru with the trapshit.

Why Are U Running by Timoteo Domingos x Vyvy
Timoteo and Vyvy made really jazzy-like mellow project.

Sneeze by Alken x Guyrin Jomairo x T-Shawn
This, this, is the forbidden banger. If you play this somewhere I guarantee you that you will burn the house down.