Connect with your fans, those who should be your fans, and find out what they know. What do they love? Where do they go? What earns their respect?

Big data can’t always help you with these questions. Skandl’s core team and our freelancers are participants in the creative scenes. Our knowledge isn’t academic, it’s personal.

Core services

Target Market Research

Brand Activation

Event Production


Your product and service does not exist in a bubble. Getting to know your target audience, core fanbase, or how potential new markets operate and view themselves is paramount.

With a focus on youth and underground culture, and a team actively involved with the music, arts and nightlife scenes, Skandl is uniquely placed to collect and deliver not only quantitative, but also qualitative data. We help you encourage your customers to engage in the evolution of your brand experience.

Events are some of the best ways to really connect with people. Here at Skandl we run our own Features series for this very reason – with experience in event production, we can help you track down event organisers, venues, festivals, and other ‘real world’ activities which build meaningful connections.

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