Not for Sale.

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Students from the Design Academy Eindhoven are taking over a street in Milan this April in order to demonstrate experimental ways to (re-)consider places of exchange.

The 14 graduates who are part of the Not for sale exhibition are recreating a slice of everyday life, with a twist.

Included in the exhibition is Martina Huynh’s Basic Income Cafe,  where attendees should find out that “experience is still that of receiving something unconditionally”, and Nadine Botha’s Politics of Stuff, where items’ social values are highlighted.

There will be a series of Breakfast Talks with a range of speakers hosted at the event, too. Find out more details HERE.

Top image: Design Academy Eindhoven, Martina Huynh, Basic Income Café

Side image: Design Academy Eindhoven, Nadine Botha, Politics of Stuff

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