Pay Attention Please!

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Pay Attention Please! is a new project designed to bring attention to the role of art in public spaces.

Initiated by CBK Zuidoost, Stedelijk Museum, Stichting NDSM-werf, and a range of other art institutions based in Amsterdam, it is part of the ongoing Public Art project, whose main objective is to get spectators to ask “who owns the city?”

Framer Framed’s addition to this series is Monuments to the Unsung, described as a way to discuss how monuments reflect structural power relations in society. Between June 22 and September 30 you can head to Amsterdam Noord to see the work by participating artists Wafae Ahalouch, Suat Ögüt and Walid Siti.

Photo: Shot of Suat Ögüt’s The First Turk Immigrant or The Nameless Heroes of The Revolution (2012-2013), taken by Sara Bjarland.

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