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On September 29, Skandl will take over the Daylight and Dark rooms at Studio Spijkerkade and transform them into places for discovery and play for the debut MERGE FEST.

Alongside a DJ line up from the cutting edge of Amsterdam’s music scene will be video works of some of the Netherlands’ best emerging artists in the field. Here we give you the lowdown on these 7 need-to-know talents. Find out more details about MERGE FEST and grab your tickets at mergefest.nl.

Headline Image: Screenshot of Valentina Gal’s Chanti and Flame

Valentina Gal graduated in 2017 in the department Base for Experiment, Art & Research (Fine Art) at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Her interest of subjects – created by the media in hyperrealism – is the basis for her multimedial work.

In search of getting to know different subcultures, Gal stepped into the world of professional dog shows. Much to her surprise, she noticed that the show dog became a living sculpture formed to the ideal set standard. Valentina realised that humans themselves are living sculptures too, formed to an ideal set standard. By setting unrealistic and unachievable standards for ourselves – imposed upon us by social media – our grip is lost to what is realistic and what isn’t; reality becomes more and more a fluid understanding. In a world where online identities become increasingly important, the aim to fulfill these ideals are identical to those for dog shows. In Gal’s work, dogs and humans merge.

Dieudonnee Twickler is a 24 year old artist. Currently, she spends most of her time experimenting in her darkroom, where she combines objects, stills and moving images to try and create new kinds of art forms that will raise various types of questions within audience members.

A student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Feline Bæk Hjermind‘s work is mostly inspired by digital imagery and online behavior. In her video-pieces she studies colors, shapes, and movements to create abstract moving paintings and distorted realities.

An animator and illustrator, Lia Booi aspires to tell stories through dynamic characters that tackle unconventional subjects, all with a touch of humor. Her work questions various stereotypes and plays with the ideas of gender roles and sexual identity within society.

Mikki Sindhunata (mikkisindhunata.nl) recently graduated as a director and choreographer. She aims to combine her passion for fiction, music and visual art within the medium of film. She intuitively looks for visual textures, double layers and magical rhythms. She works with an open approach to collaboration with inspiring souls from the music, film and dance industry.

Ignas van Rijckevorsel is a visual artist who explores digital artifacts by examining them inside and out. He plays with the boundaries between digital representation and sculpture, exploring where they clash and where they connect.

Emma van den Berg questions the personal and intimate space between mother and daughter. By the turning of the camera (away from her subjects and on to the film maker herself) – a shift in perspective – she blurs the line between that of the documentary maker and that of the performer. She graduated in 2018 from the Audio Visual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

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