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Amsterdam Dance Event is one of Europe’s major electronic music festivals, and each October it takes over the city with some of the biggest names and most exciting emerging talent in dance music and beyond.

There are plenty of opportunities for fans to catch their favourites at the festival’s various official parties, and to be taken on a music journey well into the early hours by some of the scene’s most talented and celebrated players.

However, here at Skandl we also appreciate finding something new or discovering something we haven’t come across before. With this philosophy in mind here’s three events taking place during ADE 2019 which we think are the secret potential highlights for your upcoming week of partying. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Delia x TQTB present: Shapes and Sounds
Date: 16/10, Venue: Wolf Atelier
This event is co-presented by Delia Bookings, Amsterdam’s champions of weird and wonderful electronic music, and online arts and culture platform The Quick + The Brave. This Shapes and Sounds party is composed of a stellar line-up of female, people of colour and LGBTQ+ DJs. Among those on the line up are Skandl favourites DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE. Kristieyana from the group recently made an appearance on our podcast series.

Event link: Facebook

AADE: Punk Night
Date: 16/10, Venue: Cinetol
The extra “A” in this event’s title stands for “alternative,” referring to the city’s independent newspaper Amsterdam Alternative. The word alternative seems particularly apt in this context because nothing could be more different during ADE week than a punk party. The reason we’re listing this is because one of our favourite new Dutch bands, Klaplong, associated with the Ozsipark crew, will no doubt be bringing their intense and infectious energy to proceedings.

Event link: Facebook

Afrogrooves Special
Date: 18/10, Venue: Studio/K
During ADE’s Friday evening, musical education platform Afrogrooves will host a critical panel discussion on protest music, social activism and the role of music in community building. This enlightening event will be followed by a live session of improvised music, which will pay tribute to the incredible protest music of Fela Kuti.

Event link: Facebook

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