3 Essential Dutch Artists You Need to Listen To

  • August 26, 2019

Episode seven of our Skandl Talks podcast series is with Headfirst Music co-founder Nigel M.V. Following his involvement in various creative projects, both for fun and for clients, Nigel was eventually persuaded to step into management by Full Crate, who the company still represents.



The Amsterdam-based entrepreneur has been a lifelong supporter of the creative spirit, and that passion shines through once you dig into the music being released by Headfirst’s roster of artists.

Below we run down three of our favourite tracks from three of Headfirst’s artists. We think these artists are a great representation of the sound of the Dutch capital in recent years, but are by no means only local interests, and have been garnering international attraction over the past few years.

Both in sound and aesthetic, Sevdaliza is a striking artist. The Dutch-Iranian producer embeds R&B, trip top, sound design and Middle Eastern sounds into her rich and intense musical sphere. She’s obviously a keen cinéaste as well.


Her short film The Formula was premiered on via Noisey in 2016, and more recently she released a eye-catching video for her track Shahmaran. That track is named after a folkloric creature found in Persian mythology, and the clip is suitably myth-making. Her two albums can be found in full via Spotify.

Midas Hutch is the alter ego of established Dutch DJ/producer FS Green. Under the Green pseudonym he’s better known for club sets and hip hop and future beats edits. Hutch, meanwhile, is a project dedicated to recreating the summer feeling. His tunes boast a retro feel, smooth disco-inflected beats, and a hint of G-funk. Collaborators include artists such as EVA, Bluey Robinson and MAAD.



Soulful multi-instrumentalist Full Crate is a producer whose productions usually rely on the less-is-more principle. He tends to partner up with a strong vocalist and produce beats which do their best to showcase that voice. The Luke Burr featuring “A Fool Getting Older” is a great example of that.



Crate also often blends traditional ballad instrumentation with smooth, sparse beats. The version of “A Storm on a Summer’s Day” we include here is actually an acoustic performance of the original track, but we love the stripped-down approach and Gaidaa’s pitch perfect performance on this clip.