A Conversation with Leroy Niemel of Filling Pieces

  • November 28, 2019

Street-luxury sneaker brand Filling Pieces is one of the many prominent fashion brands to arise from the Amsterdam scene over the past few years. Notable for their bold and textured patterns, FP’s sneakers are crafted in Portugal using the finest Italian materials.



We were lucky enough to speak with Leroy Niemel about his journey from self-teaching himself about fashion distribution to his current role as FP’s brand manager. As he discussed in a recent edition of the Skandl Talk Podcast, Leroy learnt by doing.

Filling Pieces was founded by erstwhile architecture student Guillaume Philibert back in 2009. Since then, the brand has made its mark by creating a bridge between the streetwear and high fashion markets. In the meantime, the brand has won awards for innovation and from British lifestyle platform OPUMO and streetwear bible Highsnobiety.

The brand’s success is partially down to its combining a sense of attitude and style in its products and brand voice. For sneakerheads, footwear is a way to demonstrate personality and have a piece of creativity shining from your feet wherever you go. Filling Pieces offerings are sleek and sophisticated additions to any collection.