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kick van doorn

Co-founder & Visual Mastermind

constantin wahle

Co-founder & Strategy Overlord

Our Network of Trusted Creators

Skandl is a product of our active involvement in local creator cultures of fashion, art, and music. We are seeing at first hand that consumers within these cultures view & value brand differently; It is no longer just about the products, but about the story & culture surrounding them. This realization drives us to translate our insights, knowledge, and network within these cultures into creative services, so that we can help (re)build future proof brands. What gives us the authority to do so, you might ask? Well, unlike most agencies, we like to practice what we preach. This is why we have built the Skandl Universe around our content platform, which we use to learn, get inspired, and actively contribute to creator culture. Because you can’t claim ‘culture-driven’. You have to earn it.