Come Create w/ Sophie Hemels

Emma provides some insider knowledge from her experience as a director, as part of our interview series with creatives.

1-on-1: Rosa Stil

The MERGE FEST contributor, illustrator, and aspiring thespian talks to us about finding inspiration in people and sex. Check out more here…

1-on-1: Hilde Atalanta

Illustrator and portraitist Hilde Atalanta has garnered a passionate fan base thanks to their depictions of sex, love and intimacy.

1-on-1: Laser 3.14

Skandl spoke with one of Amsterdam’s most prominent street artists, Laser 3.14, on the activity’s heritage in the Dutch capital and the poetics of tagging.

1-on-1: Iriée Zamblé

Painter, illustrator and muralist Iriée Zamblé discusses finding her own voice and depicting people of colour. As part of Skandl’s 1-on-1 interview series.

1-on-1: Lindert Steegen

Read our 1-on-1 interview with the Ghent based artist Lindert Steegen about his bold, dramatic style and favorite peers in the world of public art.

1-on-1: Martina Huynh

Read our Q&A with Martina Huynh, a Swiss designer currently studying at Design Academy Eindhoven developing conscious designs for life.

1-on-1: Timna Tomiša

Skandl discusses night time nostalgia and mystical creatures with this Rietveld Academie alumni ahead of The Tube event on January 20.