Skandl went to Paris Fashion Week

We went to Paris last weekend and linked up with creator MikaĆ«l Acourt who snapped some pictures of the people, fits, and vibes at the FP showroom event…

1-on-1: Dom Amsterdam

Skandl speaks with Dom Amsterdam: producers of anti-fast fashion fannypacks with an ethical production process straight out of Amsterdam.

1-on-1: Studio ALOT

Skandl speaks with Studio ALOT founders Nathalie and Layla about the goals behind their all-purpose sustainability minded fashion project Studio ALOT.

1-on-1: Pins & Juice

“We started out of a DIY sentiment. The products are an expression of our personal interests, the community and the subcultures we feel attracted to.”

Pins & Juice

Pins & Juice makes small runs of personalized accessories. Perfect gifts for all the Trolls, Tamagotchi, and Gucci Mane fans in your life.

1-on-1: Permanent

We talk about conscious collection concepts with Permanent’s Iris van Melsen. As part of our ongoing 1-on-1 series with creatives who inspire us.


Working under the philosophy of ‘Repair don’t replace’, Sashikodenim makes fixing denim products into an art. Find out more here on Skandl.

Green Paper Boys

Green Paper Boys create unisex apparel inspired by the team’s Melanesian and Indonesian heritages. Check out their Asli campaign video here.


AMFI’s Spui based ‘statement store’ is transforming into a new type of project space, with a launch party happening on September 7.