1-on-1: Scopophilia

1-on-1 is Skandl’s ongoing interview series. Where we chat with individuals and collectives. gaining insights into their ideas and work. In this post, we talk to student ran arts events promoters Scopophilia

How did the Scopophilia events start, who’s involved in the project?
Scopophilia is an event organised through the Student Association of the Amsterdam University College. The board was initiated a few years ago to organise the Scopophilia arts festival twice a year. The event usually has an exhibition, some music performances and we host spoken word sessions. The Hidden Systems edition’s board members were Shambhavi Couchan, Chiara Arena, Floris Tijhuis, Daniel Cohn and Vera Grosskop.

Your ‘Hidden Systems‘ event at the Cinetol featured art by Omri Bigetz, Madita Strähle and others. What are you looking for when curating your events, and who are you looking for?

We wanted to have art in the exhibition that represented various systems in our daily lives that may not always be as obvious to us. Madita Strähle represented the political systems with her photographic reportage of Israel. Tobias Keunecke represented the ways our brain systematically alters or misrepresents our (childhood) memories. Kay Grosskop had a very technical collection of sketches and studies of his self-made coffee grinder, Omri Bigetz combined the technical aspect of the development process of the machine with creativity. During the exhibition Omri’s robot drew a live wall painting. Some of his earlier works were also exhibited, where one could see the development of the technique used by the robot for the drawings. Kay Grosskop and Omri Bigetz represented the more technical hidden systems during the exhibition.

When we curated the exhibition, it was most important to us that the different artists would represent the “Hidden Systems” together in the space. So that when the visitor entered the room they would enjoy the art as a collective experience.

How did you come about with the term ‘Scopophilia’?
Scopophilia means the pleasure derived from looking. The festival was named like that by the original founders a few years ago.

You’re always trying to merge live music with art exhibitions, how easy is it to find spaces in Amsterdam which can host these sorts of parties and which locations have you used before?
There is quite a lot of locations in Amsterdam who are interested in hosting such an event, even with live music. The problem however, is that the space is usually not suitable for an exhibition and live-performances at the same time. And if they are, we need to take noise control or the budget in mind. Last years events have been hosted in various locations like for example, the Tolhuistuin and the Dokhuis Galerie.

Finally – plans for the near future? (Here’s a good place to plug your next event…)
Our next event is scheduled to be next spring around May, but this is yet to be decided on. For more information on the next and previous events, you can always check out our website or our Facebook page.