The still ongoing series New Order, found its birth in the music of ‘Happy Mondays’, ’Talking Heads’ and ’New order’ amplifying feelings of love, loneliness, and melancholy. A whirlpool of emotions present in post-punk, new-wave and the photographer. This music releases a burning excitement and urge to create. The pictures are the visualisation of a troubled and mysterious girl I am drawn to, although she might be destructive.

Even though analog photography could be viewed as restrictive, I have the most fun when I am shooting on film. In my experience it makes everything just a bit more exciting and ‘make or break’. It further influences the flow of a shoot by staying more present and connected with my model.

– Sebastiaan van Thienen


Model 1: Ronak Mamadi

Model 2: Cheraine Baljé

Model 3: Ayu Sylvana

Model 4: Joelle

Model 5: Selçan Ates

Model 6: Zoë Markantonakis

Model 7: Ronak Mamadi

Model 8: Thyra Vermeulen

Photography: Sebastiaan van Thienen


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