filling pieces – low mondo campaign

filling pieces low mondo

Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam-based fashion label, established in 2009 by designer Guillaume Philibert. Nowadays their collection consists of a variety of unique and contemporary designs. All of them handmade with great care in Portugal, using only the finest Italian materials.

visualising the brand

Under the philosophy ‘Via Negativa’, or ‘Addition by Subtraction’, our photographer Mark Kiszely was tasked to create the campaign editorial of the ‘Low Mondo’ drop, which is a silhouette that was born from the reduction of their signature design details such as the elongated tongue and heel padding.


Mark’s approach focused on a mixture between anonymity and full focus on the product, portrayed in a stripped down, minimalistic setting. By using clean lines, light manipulation and the minimalist structure of props used, the images capture the essence of ‘Addition by Subtraction’ perfectly.

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