filling pieces – new world campaign

filling pieces

Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam-based fashion label, established in 2009 by designer Guillaume Philibert. Nowadays their collection consists of a variety of unique and contemporary designs. All of them handmade with great care in Portugal, using only the finest Italian materials.

visualising the brand

For the Filling Pieces Pre-Fall 19 Ready-to-wear collection titled ‘New World’, photographer Mark Kiszley was tasked to create the campaign editorial. With the collection being based around the conceptualisation of a space that urges us to think about new alternatives, it represents the brand’s shift in mentality as they anticipate the future of their universe.


Mark chose to showcase the collection in three different settings; the old, the in between, and the new world. By strategically selecting a unique production method for each setting, such as light manipulation, or the use of a wide angle lens, he was able to emphasise the collection’s main theme; representing a shift in mentality as the protagonists transition into a New World.

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