permanent brand launch

permanent clothing

Permanent is an Amsterdam based streetwear brand that strives to reflect the unique individuality of the Amsterdam fashion culture through conscious collection concepts, in a more positive and sustainable way. Being big advocates for sustainable change within the fashion industry, we were excited to help them launch their brand.


The Permanent team asked us to assist with strategically planning and executing their brand launch. As sustainability was somewhat of a novel concept within the streetwear market, it was the intention to not only introduce the brand, but also emphasize why their philosophy of making clothes is so important. Together we created a pop-up concept that fused the informative nature of an exhibition, with the engagement and community feel of a brand activation.

Execution & impact

We worked closely with the Permanent team on realizing their entry into the Streetwear Market as a fully sustainable brand. We advised on and executed part of the brand communications strategy, which can be found on their website, as well as their debut collection ‘Water’ lookbook. The ‘Water’ collection was released in April 2018 at a brand activation & pop-up event exclusively produced by Skandl.

The week-long pop up event drew over 350 visitors who got exposed to, and engaged with the brand. Hosting several activities linked to the topic of sustainability & fashion, the pop up not only raised awareness for the brand, but also the much bigger issue that Permanent is aiming to tackle; fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Let that sink in for a minute.

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