sebastiaan van thienen – new order

new order

The still ongoing series New Order, found its birth in the music of ‘Happy Mondays’, ’Talking Heads’ and ’New order’ amplifying feelings of love, loneliness, and melancholy. A whirlpool of emotions present in post-punk, new-wave and the photographer. This music releases a burning excitement and urge to create. The pictures are the visualisation of a troubled and mysterious girl I am drawn to, although she might be destructive.

Even though analog photography could be viewed as restrictive, I have the most fun when I am shooting on film. In my experience it makes everything just a bit more exciting and ‘make or break’. It further influences the flow of a shoot by staying more present and connected with my model.

– Sebastiaan van Thienen


Model 1: Ronak Mamadi

Model 2: Cheraine Baljé

Model 3: Ayu Sylvana

Model 4: Joelle

Model 5: Selçan Ates

Model 6: Zoë Markantonakis

Model 7: Ronak Mamadi

Model 8: Thyra Vermeulen

Photography: Sebastiaan van Thienen

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