tno milkshake bar

tno milkshake bar

TNO Milkshake Farmers is an extension of Amsterdam fashion brand The New Originals, and focuses on bringing people together with good food and good vibes; the perfect combination.


Using the concept of an American diner and its ability to connect people to share their stories over food, TNO Milkshake Farmers linked up with us to realize a conceptual environment for local creatives such as Yung Nnelg, Bonne Reijn, Guillaume Philibert and others to showcase their lifestyle, culture, and personal stories that are reflected in the work we know them for.

Execution & impact

Together with the TNO creative team, we transformed the former byamfi space at Spui, located in the heart of Amsterdam, into an American style diner, including checkered floors, vintage diner furniture, custom menu, and a conceptual fridge-inspired display installation for their Barman Sweater release.

Over the span of the 7 day pop up, we saw over 750 people stop by the venue to drink milkshakes, taste food, and make friends. It generated significant buzz and social media exposure for the brand within the Amsterdam creative community, and landed a feature article on Vice Netherlands’ MUNCHIES platform.

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