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zes nullen

Founded by Amsterdam based musician Yung Nnelg, Zes Nullen is a collective of multimedia creatives that strives to break the limits of what is creatively possible. They realize ideas and concepts that are metaphorically worth ‘a million bucks’, however big or small the resources available to them. While others would deem these projects impossible, we amplify the power of collaboration in order to make the impossible, possible, and exceed expectations. With a vision like this one, it was a no-brainer for us to help them define and grow their brand.


When we were asked to become an active member of the Zes Nullen family, and help not only with the internal brand building, but also with devising the digital strategy for one of our favourite local artists - Yung Nnelg - we felt honoured and excited. Supporting, combining forces, and harnessing the power of collaboration amongst such talented creatives is and continues to be what drives us as an agency.


After numerous brainstorming sessions with Yung Nnelg and the core Zes Nullen team that surrounds him, we were able to capture the essence of his vision, and manifest it in the form of a brand book. Once defined, we were able to devise a communications and advertising strategy for Yung Nnelg’s channels, as well as the Zes Nullen brand channel.


Our brand building efforts synthesized the vision that has always been the foundation for Yung Nnelg’s own creative output as an artist, which could now be passed on to the Zes Nullen team, and used to fuel the brand collaboration projects that were generated through it. Such collaborations involved closely working with RedBull Music, Patta, Bonne Suits, Ace & Tate, and more. The communications and advertising strategy that was devised by us, and executed together with the Zes Nullen team, generated significant press exposure in publications such as Het Parool, 3voor12, and Vice among others. It also generated local awareness, as well as a sold out release event for Yung Nnelg’s debut album ‘BALANS’.

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