Skandl Talks Podcast Episodes That Will Inspire You

  • November 28, 2019

2019 was the year we launched our Skandl Talks podcast series. Since May, we’ve spoken to some of the most inspiring (and friendly!) figures in the Amsterdam creative scene in our studio, beautifully decorated by Lindert Steegen.

In each episode we’ve spoken to these individuals about their journey into their current roles, their practice, and their thoughts on being a young creative entrepreneur today.

Here’s five of our favourite chats from the past few months for you to enjoy as the year comes to a close. Why not listen and get inspired for 2020?

Arthood Collective’s
Kristel Anna talked about the all-female group’s efforts to host interactive events at which attendees and special guest speakers debate sexuality, mental health, social equality, gender and the environment.




The New Originals
The New Originals is one of Amsterdam’s finest fashion brands. We loved the excuse to chat with co-founder Maru Asmellash about his passion for design and building a community.




Rico Louis
Rico Louis is a Londoner currently spending time in the Lowlands. In this episode Louis demonstrates his permanent enthusiasm for all things creative.



Monai McCallough also goes by the name Plantmom. She came by our studio to discuss her quest to inspire companies in Amsterdam and elsewhere to be more sustainable.



Headfirst Amsterdam
Rico Louis joined Skandl Talks’ host Constantin for this conversation with Headfirst Amsterdam co-founder Nigel M.V. Having. Headfirst represent some of the best musical talent in the city, including FS Green, Midas Hutch and Sevdaliza.