How to Spot a Truly Sustainable Mindset

  • December 27, 2019

Willa Stoutenbeek is the founder and creative director of W. Green, a branding and communications agency dedicated to promoting the sustainability and ethical practices. We had the pleasure of speaking to her about her experience promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, the meaning of circularity and more in the 11th episode of our podcast series.



Early on in the conversation, podcast host Constantin wanted to find out from Willa how she, in a market saturated with “green washing” practices and sustainability jargon, distinguishes true sustainability concepts from fake ones?

“I try and figure out what motivates them,” she says. “If it’s a path they’re taking in order to make a difference, or if it’s just something thrown on top for marketing reasons. That, for me, is not really part of the change [we need to see].”

“Sometimes brands come to me as say ‘I’m really into the social side but not into the sustainability side,’ but if I feel that if they’re willing to really make a difference in that respect that in a couple of years they’ll come to the point where they start to change their environmental habits because, in the end, it’s all part of the same system. If you’re asking people to work with heavy chemicals, that’s not very social.