We Are Not Individuals!

  • June 14, 2019

Why everyone is starting collectives and embracing collaboration

In our ongoing Skandl Talks podcast series you’ll find us in talking about coming up in the creative industries with a range of inspiring individuals. And behind every individual there is a group of people who are their collaborators or mentors, who provide general support.

We at Skandl are passionate about co-creation because we see that every creative process is really a collaborative one. Taking ourselves as an example, Skandl was co-founded by Constantin Whale and Kick van Doorn in Amsterdam back in 2016. Skandl only become a reality because two people with shared interests decided to collaborate. The pair discuss this and other topics in the first Skandl Talks episode.



Over the past years, we have come across various projects and brands whose existence relies on a close partnership. Kristieyana is one of our favourite Amsterdam DJs, and has developed as a selector as part of the three-piece DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE.

When we spoke with ethically-minded fashion brand DOM AMSTERDAM we discovered that the company was started by two friends, Diede Gardenier and Zheng Ou van den Berg, and that they are inspired by their immediate neighbours and local community.

We’re also fans of the personalization offered by Pins & Juice’s accessories. That brand was started by Armando Horváth and Bram Westland, who wanted a way to celebrate the culture of their youth in a creative fashion.

One of the hottest retail spots in Amsterdam, Zeedijk60, was also born from a collaboration between Dutch brands Bonne Suits, The New Originals, and Sumibu.

Why this turn towards building  “collectives” and creative collaboration? It might be because arrogance is never fun. Or maybe because we instinctively know that we’ll never get much done by ourselves.Even though a lot of successful business people are often depicted by themselves, we know that they rely on their friends and creative partners as much as the rest of us do.

It’s also just more fun to work with others, rather than sitting in a room by yourself. There are always frustrations with a big project, but we know the satisfaction that comes with executing a plan with people you respect and like. If you’re a creative individual looking for a way to expand and progress, why not think about partnering up with someone who you could work well with? Often, it’s those closest to you that can provide the most inspiration.