Why Speaking About Yourself is Sometimes Good for Others

  • December 27, 2019

The New Originals is one of Amsterdam’s freshest brands, and we were super happy to welcome TNO co-founder Maru Asmellash into the Skandl Talks studio. During our chat with him, we discussed giving back to the culture you’re inspired by, building a community, and defining your purpose as a fashion brand.

Back when Skandl was founded, TNO was still in its infancy. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength and the founders have started having their voices amplified in amongst the city’s creative community.

How did they first get invited onto public platforms? “I had a lot of people around me who I found inspiring,” Maru tells us. “Genuine interest created a sort of infrastructure and then from there people knew how to find me and I know how to find them. And that’s how it all started, because I never had the intention to ‘go public’, the opposite actually.



But back in 2016-17, Maru and co. were totally uninterested in doing interviews or putting their faces into public view. They wanted all the focus to be on the nine dots of their logo and their designs. So what changed?

“This is an opportunity to give back. We thought putting our faces to the brand would be about us, we wanted people to think about the brand not about any individual. But then again, that young guy from the neighbourhood I’m from, who’s not doing the best in school, might not even know that a brand like TNO comes from their neighbourhood, and it’s about them, and the world seeing the backstory.